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Marius Dvariškis - Co-founder

Two years ago, Pasvirusios Kopėčios were born out of great desire and even bigger dreams, youthful maximalism and shared vision. With the onset of the Global Pandemic and Quarantine, there has been more time for forgotten hobbies, idea generation, and creativity to move away from day-to-day work. A little later, sitting under an apple tree, we talked about the goals of life next to the decorated table and pretty soon we decided that we wanted to delight people and create wonderful moments. Back then, we couldn’t even dream of how much the Pasvirusios Kopėčios could grow and change. We started with small steps. After creating the logo, purchasing some elements needed for the decor, we started looking for customers with burning eyes. We started with parties for friends, personal celebrations where every detail was thought through. Gradually, more and more customers have emerged, and now it’s hard to believe how much we’ve grown and how much we can offer.

Akvilė Katkovaitė - Co-founder

Now it’s fun to remember how it all started. It’s even more fun to see how things have changed and how we grew up. How lucky it was to have the first enquiry, how fun it was to decorate bachelorette and birthday picnics. Soon, we decorated the wedding party for friends, and later we received the first wedding order. When the wedding calendar started to fill up quickly, we got acquainted with various suppliers, gained a lot of experience, saw various holiday venues, and started noticing market failures. When decorating a wedding that did not have planners or coordinators, they often had to take their positions - directing suppliers, answering guests' questions, and helping the service staff. When discussing wedding decor with clients, discussions about the celebration plan and details often dragged on. We decided to enter the wedding business with a full leg, we started planning and coordinating your wedding.


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